Monday, 9 November 2009


I love love love this! These pieces of furniture are almost too nice to use.. more a work of art! A nice idea instead of choosing 1 fabric.. a collage of all your favourites!

"Each piece is unique and a testament to the nature of couture craftsmanship."

Monday, 15 June 2009

Another Illustration

This illustration was also development towards my FMP. However I felt it was really strong and represented my project well - I have used this image on a postcard which will be available for people to pick up from my exhibition.

My Illustration

An illustration I did as development towards my Final Major Project using water colour and fine liner. The basis of my FMP is to experiment with different techniques - to create something that isn't computer-based.

My Portfolio

I wanted to create an identity for myself - so I have used the same typography on my blog as I have for my portfolio. I have included some of my best work from the past two years on the Foundation Degree. 

My Dissertation

In my dissertation I have explored artists and movements which push the boundaries of design. This idea is the basis for my FMP - I wanted to create something which gives the viewer the chance to question what Graphic Design is.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

VIP room for rock and roll hall of fame annex

I have a thing for chandeliers - the detail and beauty of them.  I like the way the photograph was taken in the mirror so you get the reflection of it - repetition. The colours also appeal to me - the use of gold and pink is very feminine and very me.

Robert Ryan

The work by Robert Ryan is so intricate and detailed - it is fascinating to look at. He is able to apply his technique to create such a range of images. I think things created by hand / without using a computer appeal to me - there is something more to it. A sense of time and patience is apparent in his work